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A temporary expert on bees…

A temporary expert on bees…

Rock news articles for the month including Dave Grohl, Extreme, Ozzy Osbourne, Ghost, Devo, Nick Mason and more

29/05 – Stv2 Live at Five chat show appearance

25/05 – Revisiting Anthrax’s John Bush era (Ultimate Classic Rock)

25/05 – Keith Moon’s final appearance with The Who (Ultimate Classic Rock)

24/05 – Van Halen OU812 roundtable (Ultimate Classic Rock)

22/05 – Best American bands roundtable (Ultimate Classic Rock)

21/05 – Review: Wildhearts, Reef, Terrorvision in Glasgow (

09/05 – Beatstalkers book launch live feature (Radio Six International)

03/05 – Revisiting Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime (Ultimate Classic Rock)

03/05 – STV2 Live at Five chat show appearance



Rock news articles for the month including Sting, Soundgarden, Kiss, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Prince and more

30/04 – 35 years ago: Men At Work struggle with second album Cargo (Ultimate Classic Rock)

26/04 – Def Leppard take risks on Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (Ultimate Classic Rock)

24/04 – STV2 Live at Five (chat show appearance)

 14/04 – The Day 5000 revellers invaded George Square to see the Beatstalkers (Evening Times)

14/04 – As Big as the Beatles… (The Herald)

13/04 – Meet the Band David Bowie ‘Climbed Over’ for Fame (Ultimate Classic Rock)

12/04 – Interview (SunnyG Radio)

12/04 – The Beatstalkers reunite for one night only (GlasgowLive)

12/04 – The Beatstalkers publication day (blog)

11/04 – Live interview (STV2)

10/04 – Going to concerts can extend your life, study says (Ultimate Classic Rock)

09/04 – The Beatstalkers interview (BBC Radio Scotland)

05/04 – The incredible story of Scotland’s Beatles (GlasgowLive)

06/04 – 35 years ago: The Beach Boys face surprising July 4 band (Ultimate Classic Rock)

05/04 – AC/DC’s past, present and future (Ultimate Classic Rock)

03/04 – The Beatstalkers note (Herald Diary)



Rock news articles for the month including Iron Maiden, Sting, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Jack White and more

30/03 – I want to use my phone at gigs.. I just don’t want anyone else to (blog)

29/03 – Houses of the Holy: Our writers answer five questions (Ultimate Classic Rock)

24/03 – Iron Maiden’s Virtual XI marks the end of the Blaze Bayley era (Ultimate Classic Rock)

21/03 – Listen to tweaked version of Toto’s Africa, if you dare (Ultimate Classic Rock)

16/03 – Five years ago: Clutch find new gear with Earth Rocker (Ultimate Classic Rock)

14/03 – Stephen Hawking, Rock Star (Ultimate Classic Rock tribute)

07/03 – STV2 Live at Five (chat show appearance)

07/03 – The Beatstalkers: Scotland’s Number 1 Beat Group publication announcement



Rock news articles for the month including Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Ghost, Genesis, Journey and more (Ultimate Classic Rock)

27/02 – 45 time Billy Gibbons stepped out of ZZ Top (Ultimate Classic Rock)

25/02 – 15 years ago: Metallica hire Robert Trujillo (Ultimate Classic Rock)



Rock news articles for the month including Ann Wilson, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, John Fogerty, Robert Plant and more (Ultimate Classic Rock)

13/01 – 20 burning classic rock questions for 2018 (Ultimate Classic Rock)

04/01 – 45 years ago: Ace Frehley attends tense Kiss audition (Ultimate Classic Rock)


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