Highlights of my work, including writing, television, radio, music and theatre output…

Ultimate Classic Rock articles, December 2017 – Dream Theater, Bruce Dickinson, Dire Straits, Robert Plant, Dio, Judas Priest, Metallica and more articles, December 2017 – Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Josh Homme, Chris Cornell, Tears for Fears, Tom DeLonge, Morrissey and more

Dec 31: BBC Scotland: Scotland’s Big Night Out – I contributed some research to the show, with sections vaguely based on my 2010 book Are Ye Dancin’? See an interview with Eddie Campbell of The Beatstalkers, followed by fan Liz Daisley, starting around 24mins 20secs.

Dec 31: STV: Thingummyjig Hogmanay Ceilidh – I’ll be among the guests at the seasonal party (but you won’t see me dancing…)

Dec 19: STV2 Live at Five – discussing job losses at Christmas, the progress of a homeless hero and baby boxes.

Dec 13: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame debate – Ultimate Classic Rock writers, including me, on the class of 2018

Dec 11: BBC Radio Scotland: The Janice Forsyth Show – discussing the legacy of Stealers Wheel and its members Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan. (39 minutes in)

Dec 08: Ultimate Classic Rock – Why Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion was their last stand

Ultimate Classic Rock articles, November 2017 – including Bruce Dickinson, James Hetfield, Black Country Communion, Gene Simmons, David Coverdale, the Eagles and more articles, November 2017 – including mobile phones at gigs survey, Morrissey, Bono, REM, Chris Cornell and more

Nov 30: My 17th book, The Beatstalkers: Scotland’s Number One Beat Group, launched for Christmas pre-sale

Nov 14: STV2 Live at Five – discussing the stress of the always-on work culture; swapping city life for a nine-job career on an island; homeless city guides; and the Italian reaction to dropping out of the football World Cup…

Nov 15: Diffuser – The 1992 grunge speak hoax and how the New York Times were fooled

Nov 7: Ultimate Classic Rock – How Axl Rose caused a riot without even being there 

Ultimate Classic Rock articles, October 2017 – including Status Quo, The Ramones, Ghost, Las Vegas shootings, Ian Gillan, Eagles and more articles, October 2017 – including Morrissey, Gord Downie, Josh Homme, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Las Vegas shooting and more

Oct 26: STV2 Live at Five – discussing the firing of Rangers FC manager Pedro Caixinha, true love in Glasgow and Dundee’s rising international profile…

Oct 22: Curious Droid documentary script on the history and morality of sending animals into space

Oct 16: Ultimate Classic Rock – Interview with Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens on Jugulator, his first album as singer with Judas Priest

Oct 10: Ultimate Classic Rock – The time Whitesnake topped the charts with their third version of “Here I Go Again”

Oct 04: Curious Droid documentary script – Sputnik, 60 years on from the start of the Space Race

Ultimate Classic Rock articles, September 2017 – including Metallica, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden, Kiss and more

Diffuser articles, September 2017 – including U2, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson and more

Sep 21: Ultimate Classic Rock – Everything you need to know about classic Iron Maiden track Hallowed Be Thy Name

Sep 20: STV2 Live at Five – discussing large-scale vegetable thefts, premium house prices near schools, and what women keep in their handbags…

Sep 20: Diffuser – Five Years Ago: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstong’s onstage meltdown

Sep 18: STV2 Live at FiveWhen Bon Jovi played at Glasgow’s Tower Records (co-present with Carol Ann Cunningham)

Sep 18: Diffuser – Could it be game over for Rammstein?

Sep 16: Ultimate Classic Rock – Marking the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s death

Sep 15: Curious Droid documentary script – Interstellar Space Arks – Humanity’s Exodus From Earth

Sep 11: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 30 Years Ago: Jethro Tull release album that won them a metal Grammy

Sep 10: Chris’s House charity ball speech

Sep 08: STV2 Live At Five magazine show – with special guests Sooty and Sweep! Plus the relationship between music and emotions, the clothes that grow with your child, and Dante Gizzi from Gun cooking dinner …

Sep 03: Curious Droid Patreon hangout session – a general discussion of the themes and ideas that inspire the team who bring you the Curious Droid space science documentaries.

TeamRock news articles, September 2017 – Jimi Hendrix, Paradise Lost, Bruce Dickinson, Slipknot and more

TeamRock news articles, August 2017 – Rolling Stones, Prophets of Rage, Mike Patton, Mastodon, Chris Cornell and more

Aug 27: article – 30 Years Ago: Jello Biafra ‘wins’ obscenity trial

Aug 9: BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour plays a sneak preview of a song from the upcoming Kielty Brothers musical The Edinburgh Seven (approx 9min 40sec into stream)

Aug 1: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – Rush, Two Years After Their ‘Final’ Show

Aug 1: TeamRock feature: Mogwai’s new album, Another Country’s Son

Jul 28: Stv2 Live At Five magazine show – the high cost of public transport, seagull alerts, a beach for sale and a strange request from a boyfriend to night club bosses…

Jul 27: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 10 Years Ago: ‘Be advised… Paul Stanley is down’

Jul 24: Curious Droid documentary script – How Neil Armstrong cheated death multiple times before Apollo

Jul 24: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 40 Years Ago: Led Zeppelin play their final US concert

Jul 12: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 35 Years Ago: Def Leppard Replace Pete Willis with Phil Collen

Jul 5: Curious Droid documentary script – Robonauts or men… which will step foot on Mars first? (9 mins)



Jun 27: Ultimate Classic Rock – The death of The Who’s John Entwistle

Jun 10: Curious Droid documentary script – space junk (11 mins)

Jun 9: Ultimate Classic Rock – Why Roy Wood really left ELO

Jun 8: Ultimate Classic Rock – Behind the scenes of Alice Cooper’s new album

TeamRock news articles, May 28-June 2 – Iron Maiden, Lemmy, Tool, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Radiohead and more (a guest appearance in my former role of TeamRock news editor)

May 16: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – an island in the middle of nowhere, ruined by pollution… the correct pronunciation of Mount Everest… rescuing bananas… and a granny’s accidental 300-mile detour.

May 15: Andrew Lloyd Webber confirms the next Kielty Brothers musical, The Edinburgh 7, for pilot performances at From Page to Stage 2017 in August.

May 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the 1987 Glasgow Garden Festival, and Scottish education exported to Qatar

Apr 25: Prog Magazine – news section contributor

Apr 24: Ultimate Classic Rock: Kiss exclusive – Bruce Kulick on Eric Singer’s first show

Apr 23: Ultimate Classic Rock: Kiss exclusive – Eric Singer on his first show with the band

Apr 19: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing the remarkable video of a woman giving CPR to a dead pigeon

Apr 11: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing early-morning alcohol sales in airports, the best viewpoints in the country, and life-story musicals

Apr 04: Ultimate Classic Rock – Session man Tommy Denander’s Spinal Tap moment… playing ONE CHORD on Deep Purple’s new album

Apr 01: Ultimate Classic Rock exclusive – Bernie Torme on Ozzy Osbourne’s first concert after Randy Rhoads’ death

Chris Glen: The Bass Business

Book publication announcement – Chris Glen: The Bass Business

Excerpt: When Chris Glen met Alex Harvey

Ultimate Classic Rock: The night AC/DC, Cheap Trick and Michael Schenker group members formed a supergroup

TeamRock: 10 sensational facts about Chris Glen

The Sun: Alex Harvey will live forever says rock legend Chris Glen

STV2 Live at Five: live interview with us both

BBC Radio Scotland: live interview with us both (1hr 4min 40sec into stream)

Metal Talk review of the launch night event (with me playing drums for Chris)

Mar 23: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing accusations of profiteering from driving fines and the oldest light bulbs in operation

Mar 22: Prog Magazine – news section contributor

Mar 10: Ultimate Classic Rock exclusive – Jethro Tull try to out-prog everybody with Thick As A Brick

Mar 10: I assisted with research on article about the year Jimi Hendrix came to Glasgow, twice, by John Neil Munro

Mar 07: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing unisex toilets in primary schools and a restaurant owner’s job offer to kids to tried to burn down his premises

Feb 23: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing planets that could support life and smoke alarms designed to wake children

Feb 15: Prog Magazine No74 – news section contributor

Feb 05: Ultimate Classic Rock discussion – Which day in rock history would you like to live over and over?

Feb 04: Ultimate Classic Rock – The Kinks brothers’ feud… who started it?

Feb 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing teacher assaults, city landscaping and Apple ethics

Feb 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing a 100-year-old pop star and an 89-year-old surgeon

Jan 17: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing trams versus buses and the financial cost of broken new year’s resolutions

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