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Ultimate Classic Rock articles, October 2017 – including Status Quo, The Ramones, Ghost, Las Vegas shootings, Ian Gillan, Eagles and more articles, October 2017 – including Morrissey, Gord Downie, Josh Homme, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Las Vegas shooting and more

Oct 26: STV2 Live at Five – discussing the firing of Rangers FC manager Pedro Caixinha, true love in Glasgow and Dundee’s rising international profile…

Oct 22: Curious Droid documentary script on the history and morality of sending animals into space

Oct 16: Ultimate Classic Rock – Interview with Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens on Jugulator, his first album as singer with Judas Priest

Oct 10: Ultimate Classic Rock – The time Whitesnake topped the charts with their third version of “Here I Go Again”

Oct 04: Curious Droid documentary script – Sputnik, 60 years on from the start of the Space Race

Ultimate Classic Rock articles, September 2017 – including Metallica, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden, Kiss and more

Diffuser articles, September 2017 – including U2, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson and more

Sep 21: Ultimate Classic Rock – Everything you need to know about classic Iron Maiden track Hallowed Be Thy Name

Sep 20: STV2 Live at Five – discussing large-scale vegetable thefts, premium house prices near schools, and what women keep in their handbags…

Sep 20: Diffuser – Five Years Ago: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstong’s onstage meltdown

Sep 18: STV2 Live at FiveWhen Bon Jovi played at Glasgow’s Tower Records (co-present with Carol Ann Cunningham)

Sep 18: Diffuser – Could it be game over for Rammstein?

Sep 16: Ultimate Classic Rock – Marking the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s death

Sep 15: Curious Droid documentary script – Interstellar Space Arks – Humanity’s Exodus From Earth

Sep 11: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 30 Years Ago: Jethro Tull release album that won them a metal Grammy

Sep 10: Chris’s House charity ball speech

Sep 08: STV2 Live At Five magazine show – with special guests Sooty and Sweep! Plus the relationship between music and emotions, the clothes that grow with your child, and Dante Gizzi from Gun cooking dinner …

Sep 03: Curious Droid Patreon hangout session – a general discussion of the themes and ideas that inspire the team who bring you the Curious Droid space science documentaries.

TeamRock news articles, September 2017 – Jimi Hendrix, Paradise Lost, Bruce Dickinson, Slipknot and more

TeamRock news articles, August 2017 – Rolling Stones, Prophets of Rage, Mike Patton, Mastodon, Chris Cornell and more

Aug 27: article – 30 Years Ago: Jello Biafra ‘wins’ obscenity trial

Aug 9: BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour plays a sneak preview of a song from the upcoming Kielty Brothers musical The Edinburgh Seven (approx 9min 40sec into stream)

Aug 1: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – Rush, Two Years After Their ‘Final’ Show

Aug 1: TeamRock feature: Mogwai’s new album, Another Country’s Son

Jul 28: Stv2 Live At Five magazine show – the high cost of public transport, seagull alerts, a beach for sale and a strange request from a boyfriend to night club bosses…

Jul 27: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 10 Years Ago: ‘Be advised… Paul Stanley is down’

Jul 24: Curious Droid documentary script – How Neil Armstrong cheated death multiple times before Apollo

Jul 24: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 40 Years Ago: Led Zeppelin play their final US concert

Jul 12: Ultimate Classic Rock feature – 35 Years Ago: Def Leppard Replace Pete Willis with Phil Collen

Jul 5: Curious Droid documentary script – Robonauts or men… which will step foot on Mars first? (9 mins)



Jun 27: Ultimate Classic Rock – The death of The Who’s John Entwistle

Jun 10: Curious Droid documentary script – space junk (11 mins)

Jun 9: Ultimate Classic Rock – Why Roy Wood really left ELO

Jun 8: Ultimate Classic Rock – Behind the scenes of Alice Cooper’s new album

TeamRock news articles, May 28-June 2 – Iron Maiden, Lemmy, Tool, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Radiohead and more (a guest appearance in my former role of TeamRock news editor)

May 16: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – an island in the middle of nowhere, ruined by pollution… the correct pronunciation of Mount Everest… rescuing bananas… and a granny’s accidental 300-mile detour.

May 15: Andrew Lloyd Webber confirms the next Kielty Brothers musical, The Edinburgh 7, for pilot performances at From Page to Stage 2017 in August.

May 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the 1987 Glasgow Garden Festival, and Scottish education exported to Qatar

Apr 25: Prog Magazine – news section contributor

Apr 24: Ultimate Classic Rock: Kiss exclusive – Bruce Kulick on Eric Singer’s first show

Apr 23: Ultimate Classic Rock: Kiss exclusive – Eric Singer on his first show with the band

Apr 19: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing the remarkable video of a woman giving CPR to a dead pigeon

Apr 11: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing early-morning alcohol sales in airports, the best viewpoints in the country, and life-story musicals

Apr 04: Ultimate Classic Rock – Session man Tommy Denander’s Spinal Tap moment… playing ONE CHORD on Deep Purple’s new album

Apr 01: Ultimate Classic Rock exclusive – Bernie Torme on Ozzy Osbourne’s first concert after Randy Rhoads’ death

Chris Glen: The Bass Business

Book publication announcement – Chris Glen: The Bass Business

Excerpt: When Chris Glen met Alex Harvey

Ultimate Classic Rock: The night AC/DC, Cheap Trick and Michael Schenker group members formed a supergroup

TeamRock: 10 sensational facts about Chris Glen

The Sun: Alex Harvey will live forever says rock legend Chris Glen

STV2 Live at Five: live interview with us both

BBC Radio Scotland: live interview with us both (1hr 4min 40sec into stream)

Metal Talk review of the launch night event (with me playing drums for Chris)

Mar 23: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing accusations of profiteering from driving fines and the oldest light bulbs in operation

Mar 22: Prog Magazine – news section contributor

Mar 10: Ultimate Classic Rock exclusive – Jethro Tull try to out-prog everybody with Thick As A Brick

Mar 10: I assisted with research on article about the year Jimi Hendrix came to Glasgow, twice, by John Neil Munro

Mar 07: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing unisex toilets in primary schools and a restaurant owner’s job offer to kids to tried to burn down his premises

Feb 23: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing planets that could support life and smoke alarms designed to wake children

Feb 15: Prog Magazine No74 – news section contributor

Feb 05: Ultimate Classic Rock discussion – Which day in rock history would you like to live over and over?

Feb 04: Ultimate Classic Rock – The Kinks brothers’ feud… who started it?

Feb 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing teacher assaults, city landscaping and Apple ethics

Feb 02: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing a 100-year-old pop star and an 89-year-old surgeon

Jan 17: STV2 Live at Five magazine show – discussing trams versus buses and the financial cost of broken new year’s resolutions

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