Layout 1And for my next book… a real rock’n’roll memoir that’s been a lot of fun to work on with the larger-than-life Chris Glen, he of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Michael Schenker Group, Ian Gillan Band, John Martyn and more. It’ll be published in paperback and limited-edition hardback in March 2017 – full details to follow. Meanwhile, here’s the blurb…

Chris Glen: The Bass Business

A memoir – How to be knocked out, burnt down, drugged up, locked in, ripped off, frozen out… and keep laughing

Ordzhonikidze Open Air Stadium
May 5, 1990

The only thing standing between me and 50,000 people was Ian Gillan, his back to me, his face to the fans, as they sang every word to Smoke On The Water like it was a football anthem.

Behind me, my old pals Ted McKenna and Tommy Eyre from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band were blasting away.

Gillan was one of my first heroes, ever since my band Tear Gas had opened for Deep Purple the week they got famous in 1969. He’d taken a few vodkas before the show tonight. He only did that when he was feeling really good. That – and the vodka, of course – made me feel really good.

Ian went to the very front of the stage and turned his back on the crowd. He looked me in the eye. He smiled at me, a grin of cheeky confidence. Then he let himself fall back off the stage, into the audience.

‘Here we go,’ I thought.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been in a band that played to massive audiences. It was the fourth at least. With every high there had been at least three lows, and there have been more of both to this very day.

But I’m still here – playing, performing, recording, and dealing with every roll of the dice a musician can face. Big hits, close shaves, great songs, dear friends, sex, drugs, rock’n’roll… failure, theft, fraud, disaster and death. Along with a shitload of laughs.

I’ve been in the bass business since I was 15 years old. I’ve survived. And this is what I’ve learned…

Scotsman Chris Glen found fame in 1972 when his band Tear Gas united with an established Glaswegian rock star to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. He went on to work with Michael Schenker, Ian Gillan, John Martyn and many others – and made a point of living every experience open to the bona fide rock star over the past five decades. This is Chris Glen’s story in his own words. Co-written with author, rock journalist, musician and former colleague Martin Kielty.