My novella Apollo Ambitions is published on December 3, set in the Glasgow Apollo the night after AC/DC played, and recorded that video there.

I miss the Apollo, and that’s why I wrote this story.

Apollo Memories, my book that includes real accounts of real nights at the Purple Palace, was first published in 2005. It’s never been out of print since. Every now and again I get to talk about those incredible adventures in a magazine article, a radio interview or a TV show, and it never gets old.

Scott McArthur and Andy Muir’s website started it all. In recent years there have been several other ways to celebrate the old Green’s Playhouse, notably Tommy McGrory’s work with the Loud N Proud Orchestra’s I Was There musical (now rewritten, and to be staged again in 2016).

I wanted a way of taking another wee wander down memory lane, by describing for posterity an average night in the venue – even though we all know there was no such thing. So while Logie McFarlane, Wheech McGhee, Night Garden and other characters are purely fictional, I haven’t strayed far from things that either did happen, or at least could have happened.

Thanks to Jim MacNee for livening up the story with some beautifully-observed illustrations that I know will colour up your own wee wander.

Apollo Ambition is on sale now.